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With the LUMMA CLR X7 individualization programme for the luxury SUV BMW X7, LUMMA Design - probably as the first refinement company ever - provides insight into its wide-body kit which will be available from the middle of next year. Starting with a strikingly muscular body styling, elegant wheel designs and strong power enhancement, the development of a complete LUMMA refinement programme for the BMW SUV top model is already in full swing.

Sports elegance characterizes the design of the athletic LUMMA CLR X7

In order to meet the high demands regarding looks and aerodynamics, the experienced designers completely redesigned the front of the vehicle which is designated by BMW as a “Sports Activity Vehicle”. Larger air intakes in the front apron in conjunction with a front splitter make for a much more dynamic front end and in conjunction with the new full carbon bonnet ensure optimized cooling air supply to the engine compartment. Not only the front receives a makeover: imposing widenings by 50 millimetres on each side are responsible for the powerful overall impression of the wide-body design. To reduce the lift forces on the rear axle, the LUMMA technicians have also developed aerodynamic components such as the rear spoiler lip and roof spoiler and have manufactured them from visible carbon fibre. A new rear apron with integrated diffuser completes the impressive overall appearance.

Sports sound and top performance

The new rear apron also makes room for a sports exhaust system with 4 x 100 millimetre stainless steel tailpipes. Not only does the X7 refined by LUMMA sound much more potent, it also benefits from faster acceleration thanks to a power boost developed specifically for the engine of the X7 50i, which also ensures that the 250 km/h limit is lifted. The aim is to generate an output of approx. 680 hp / 500 kW by means of electronic optimization combined with the new exhaust system.

Sporting or elegant - alloy wheels from the specialist

Both technically and visually, the wheel-tyre combination has been perfectly matched to the increased power and widened body. The LUMMA CLR 24 RS alloy wheels featuring dimensions of 10x24 inches on the front axle, and 13x24 inches on the rear axle guarantee excellent load capacity and stability while keeping unsprung weight to a minimum. For maximum grip, the wheels are clad with ultra-high performance tyres in widths of 295 and 355 millimetres. Slightly smaller, but no less impressive, is the
23-inch wheel with the designation LUMMA LR sports wheel. The new aluminium wheels are spectacularly staged with the performance spacers.

Club lounge or motorsport atmosphere - the choice is yours.

The interior designed by the specialists from Winterlingen is also completely new and transforms the interior of the BMW X7, depending on your wishes, to become an elegant VIP lounge or alternatively a cockpit with motorsport flair. The team working with Horst Lumma knows exactly how to create a harmonious combination of individual taste and state-of-the-art technology. Traditional craftsmanship, selected materials and a confident design come together and in the LUMMA CLR X7 and create a car interior in a class of its own.

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